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The End of the Bee-ocalypse

(Attempted to post this up on Friday, but internet went down.. And then my foot exploded with injury.. luckily I back up everything)

It’s well past time for new post, and in celebration of the world not ending it will be a typical blog post as opposed to the standard madness.
(Admittedly enough, I have no idea WHAT a typical blog post is, therefore making this post possibly ridiculous.  Not to mention, quite pointless.  I’m not sure why, but I’m also getting flashbacks of my dating life in the 90’s.)
So why the hype with the end of the world?  Is there a particularly good reason why a measurable proportion of the population actually believes the world will end?
Sure, I could try too look it up (like I would normally would) but tonight is an evening of “exciting” conjecture.  And that is, people… are…. bored?

(That and we’ve all seen the movies, apocalypses are exciting!)
There is a common thread that exists with most people.  It’s a shadow that peaks itself whenever a gamer goes a bit control freaky over Xbox live, or whenever someone micromanages another or they weeps tears of bitter disappointment whenever their toast comes out too burnt from the toaster.  It is a feeling of powerlessness.

And so, whenever there is that chance to feel like they have power, it goes over the edge.  And voila, the control freak.  Or more accurately, the illusion of the control freak.

Person A – feels powerless

Person B – feels powerless

Person A – is placed in charge of guarding the bee in the jar.  Bee Jar Power!  It is, in actuality, not exactly ‘real’ power but it feels real and Person A acts accordingly.

Person B – infinite responses but let’s look at two.

– Response 1) thinks Person A has got it made

– Response 2) thinks Person A is a maniac

What’s the reality?  I’m not sure, it’s a freaking bee in a jar.  In any case, Person A is given an observable privilege of responsibility that Person B is not.

So, assuming Person B is perfectly socialized, they will feel great pride in Person A’s accomplishment and will support him or her in their future endeavors.

An alternate possibility is that Person B feels slightly ‘more’ powerless despite the fact there is no change their in actual situation.  And as the situation would apply, it is quite likely Person B knows a Person C, D, Z, thru to AlphaOmega.  Now if all of those other people are being given their own jars with bees, grasshoppers and spiders in them, then we have a building feeling of dissatisfaction.  (Exception being the people given spiders, Person B would just feel lucky.)
But what’s the ultimate equalizer?

Time!  (No, that heals all wounds..)

Water!  (.. that’s the universal solvent)

Alcohol!  That’s just a gift from God.
Global Apocalypse!

Wait, that last one makes no sense at all but what the heck, there is a possibility there.


Now this isn’t meant to cover everyone in the world who believed in the Mayan apocalypse but it creates a situation where the preppers survive, aka ‘WIN’.  And that’s a pendulum swing that some people might actually want to hold onto.

Going on a different angle, we also live in a new social expectation.  We are in the time of the ‘witness’ as opposed to the news receiver.  People who are able to live Twitter or upload third person YouTube videos are becoming associated with fame.

And as bizarre as it sounds, there are many who want to be there.  To live through “Cloverfield” when the impossible monster comes out and destroys the Statue of Liberty, or to be Will Smith and shoot aliens out of the sky.  (Not to be the Legend version of Will Smith, as that movie was on the closer side of terrible.  Seriously, what kind of scientist works without a sterile lab environment.  He spends more time working out than solving the necessary statistical graduation)
In any case, the Mayan apocalypse did not occur, much like Y2k it was a build up without a bang.

The fact is no day is truly secured in either safety or apocalypse, and it’s better just to live in a manner that benefits each other.

And finding who controls the bee/jar distribution, because they’re doing it wrong.
– Happy Apocalypse and Share



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