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Sanjay Dastoor: A skateboard, with a boost

Sanjay Dastoor: A skateboard, with a boost

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Hey, check that out, a skateboard with an engine!

Ok, this isn’t a particularly new idea.  In fact it’s been revisited many many times (and improvements made each time), however this might be the first time such an idea was funded via Kickstarter (successfully) and promoted/sold as a new product for mass production.

It works.  More to the point, its another modern marketing that has also worked.  Not only was the Kickstarter successful, it was 4.5x as successful as it had intended.

There exists a demographic that would be interested in such a device and they have put their money where their mouth is. 

The website to buy Boosted Boards is here:

Although I’m confused by the fact it lists ‘Preorder Now’ as opposed to ‘Order now’.  (The kickstarter had completed in October 2012.)

I’m actually having some difficulty finding reviews for the Boosted board so it looks like it hasn’t yet reached production.  Not to be a downer on Kickstarter but as usual, buyer beware.  (According to the comments section, the Beta Board has been out since April but no real deadline for the finalized product.  There was speculation for this month but I see no confirmation.)

I wish I could see how loud these boards are, as riding them certainly looks as comfortable as a standard longboard.  (Everyone skateboarded back in the day, you can blame Back to the Future for that)

If anything, I’d like to see the final product compared to the gas powered skateboard.   I’ve seen a gas powered board (probably about a decade ago) and it was so loud that you’d think it was a lawnmower filled rocket fuel.



This product also reminds me of another product which was written about quite heavily as a ‘world changing’ innovation.  Now this product isn’t being hyped to be massive world changer but it at least shows the potential. 


On the other hand, for the product I’m referring to, there was hype, a great deal of anticipation, and a final reveal that left a lot of people confused and counting their pennies. 

I’m talking about Dean Kamen’s Segway. 

Although it never changed the world (in the way it was hyped), it has become a signature vehicle of the rich and famous.  

Maybe this electric longboard has a similar future. 

Ride on and share.



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