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Time goes on

These days it feels easier to be happy with less.  In my case, it only takes a few days away and celebrating another personal rotation around the sun.

Why less though?  I’d surmise it’s because we can do so much now with a computer and internet.  Another argument is that due to an accumulation of years of a reducing strength to afford things, its ingraining cheaper habits.  Hard to tell.  In any case, it was a great day.

Since I spent all freakin’ day surfing the internet, now is a good reason as any to make some comments about this crazy interwebs thing and some observations that can be made.

Ever go to a theme park as a child?  I did, A LOT.  The very first thing I would do is go over the list of rides and make a mental checklist of which rides I would do that day.  When it came to roller coasters and sky rides, I did ALL of them.

Today, in the exact same theme park, there are so many rides that even with careful planning and running about like a maniac it is impossible to try them all on a single day.  Fact is, the theme park grew past a point where time versus coverage became beyond the point of available time.  Likewise, the internet and general online space has grown SO big that to even catch all the popular ‘virals and memes’ out there, it extends beyond natural exposure.

What do I mean by this?  A simple example, would be the first time I visited a Reddit thread was only last year, and I have yet to start an account on Tumblr.  Icanhascheezburger was around for years before I saw my first cat photo (and this was the king of cat photos).

And what is the byproduct of this phenomenon?  The notion that it is harder for NEW concepts to go viral.  This is because they are in direct competition pre-existing virals and the creators/distributors OF that content.  Trending sites who are attempting to stay ahead of the curve start discussing content which might not reach 250,000 hits.  (And although that IS a large number, it does not represent a global consciousness like a Gangnam Style video, it might not even be nationally known.)

Websites, in a similar notion, have become the ‘people’ of the internet.  And like people, they are identified by previous bias rather than actual.  A website can drastically change (from crappy user experience to amazing) but if people do not interact with that experience they remain in the dark.  Likewise, people in REAL life change and evolve, yet people are unable to acknowledge the change unless they are actually interacting with the people themselves.

However, we are in a new age.  For the first time EVER we are able to use social media to remotely view changes with other people.  It isn’t aimed for this goal so its rather inefficient, and people aren’t exactly out to communicate their inner thoughts so this idea is still a ‘work in progress’.  Nonetheless, the concept exists.

The best stories are those that inspire fans to create additional stories of their own.  They fill in backstory, create spin offs, a whole series of additional theories that were never presented in the original content.  What is fascinating is that many of these stories will never be shared or discussed or mentioned in a large setting.  (Unless it’s Firefly)

To tie it all together, people are these kinds of stories that we dream about.  And so websites, as the people of the internet, are also getting these fan made stories of what they are about.

All I know is that I wonder if I can alter the reference of how I’m viewed in my world.  (maybe be a rock star)

But tonight, I’m going to visit Icanhascheezburger to look at pictures of dogs and horses.


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The Expert


(Rumor has it the author of this blog waited a week specifically to post on April 1st, but that’s just personal conjecture.  Don’t ask me, I only press keys on a keyboard.)

WARNING: The language in this entry will contain some swear words as if it was designed by a pirate.  (“Swears like a pirate” is an out of date saying anyways, today it’s more like swears like they’re describing their internet provider.  Or possibly commenting on someone famous.  Think Justin Bieber.  Begin swearing now.)

Clearly, today’s short was meant to be a TED Talk.  Not only is the structure of the concept spot on for regular joes but it uses the appropriate lingo of expertise.  The dialogue placed in it has all the big buzz words, words like ‘expert’, ‘geometry’ and ‘red’.  The only thing missing is an audience and some theme music at the start of it. 

SCIENCE, Fuck ya!

This video, 97.3% of meetings out there, my… life.., all appears to be close parallels of the same story (one caveat mind you, I’m not important enough to be invited to meetings). 

Luckily, the work gets handed down in the familiar gifting tradition started in times of slavery.  The benefit of this pass the work along method is that everyone gets to see the madness of what is known as post planning.  It’s the equivalent of ‘Hey!  Surprise muthafucker, all these people who get paid more than you, are now waiting on you to do the work.  Now Work!  You faceless nerd!”

Ironically, the poor ‘Expert’ in this video is treated better than some actual experts out there.  If you meet an actual expert in the wild, please treat them like all languages are secondary and that they must have some kind of mental handicap in order for them to be where they are today.

Because, SCIENCE!  Fuck ya! 

Just look at the agreeing comments on the video, this video speaks so much truth that you can use it to calibrate all future meetings to be as productive.

What makes everyone so blind to the expert’s confusion?

It’s due to the requirements of their own positions.  Never forget the unspoken privileges of position.  Gossip around in an office is considered a ‘bad’ thing.  Gossiping about people behind their backs, is very bad.  But gossip in a manager’s office, that’s called due diligence of good leadership.

And it is in that perspective, that the bloody red line can be drawn with a blue and green marker.

Of course, if you happen to be in management then all of this is just jokes.  (The video is pure fictional nonsense of course)

For the rest of us, share.


PS> Is it just me is or there an increasingly number of ‘Random Science innovation’ links being passed around with ‘Fuck Ya!’ comments like they’ve discovered some new kind of porn.  When did we become a bunch of horny robot bonobo monkeys that beat off to technology news?  What the fuck man.

Oh and a Happy April Fools day, a day to remind us to not take life too seriously.  Science!

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