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Adam Garone: Healthier men, one moustache at a time

Movember has a tendency to take over Toronto these days, there are moustaches sprouting out everywhere at this time.  It’s a good thing.  It’s supports a cause, it gets people talking about health and it’s a fashion trend that is as obvious as the nose on a person’s face. 

My very first encounter with Movember was seeing a highschool put up posters about the Movember fundraiser with students drawing and naming various moustaches.  I thought it was a cute and clever idea at the time but it was something that was contained to be the school alone.  Each year following, I learned much more about it, the actually huge size in scope and how it became more and more prominent.

Much to my surprise, Movember is in the TED Talks!  Here you can learn it’s history, aspects of the Mo campaigns and who Adam Garone is.


Date Filmed: November 2011

 Length: 16 minutes, 41 seconds

Total Views so far: 283, 764

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Movember

1. Moustaches have been around since the Neolithic times

People, both men and women, are able to grow facial hair.  Obviously this is greatly related to a whole bunch of hormones that are functioning on the inside, but the capability, the possibility, exists.  The color, amount, density and length vary from person to person.

As children, we all have fine little hairs that are hardly visible.  Aging, hormones, lifespan of hair follicle and a slew of other factors kick in to make us beard or moustache worthy.

When the art of grooming and shaving facial hair to create the moustache itself is a matter of debate, the first known portrait of which was that of ancient Iranian horseman from 300 BC.  However, the technology to shave would have existed in the Neolithic times, about 10,000 BC, when stones were sharpened enough to be the equivalent of the razors.

And depending upon which brand of razor you buy and how often you replace it, these stones were possibly far superior.  At least in terms of wedging it on top of a spear and using it to hunt for food.  (Hunting with shaving razors today provides less productive results)

For more on moustaches:

Women and facial hair:

2. You can cheat your way to a winning Movember moustache.

Many have speculated that shaving one’s face causes hair to grow back thicker and faster.  This is a falsehood. 

Shaving one’s face causes the hair to get a flat cut that will make the hair initially look like it is thicker when growing back out.  This illusion will fade however once the hair reaches a more prominent length.  Likewise, shaving to produce additional hair follicles, just isn’t a thing. 

However, there are CHEMICALS that we can use to cheat our way into a bearded glory. 

Rogaine, is an over the counter drug that can be purchased in the form of a foam or tablet.  If you purchase the foam, you can apply it wherever you’d like for those days when you want to beard it up or just surprise the hell out of someone on your wedding night.

Side effects may occur, dandruff, burning of the eyes, and possible irritation of your entire face might happen.  Yes, you might be in blinding pain, but that moustache is going to be thick and genuine.

Vitamin B7, found in egg yolk (not the white), is also a natural source for stimulating hair growth.  Time to train for that moustache the same way Rocky can!

This guy below never dreamed that the following morning he would be waking up with a beard that would make ZZ Top jealous. 

Man drinks 50 Raw Eggs:

A last minute emergency moustache can be found using ‘Hair in a Can’ but I’m too terrified of what might happen if this was accidentally sprayed into someone’s mouth.

More on growing beards faster:

Squidoo beard growing tips:

ZZ Top:

3. You can register yourself for official Movember fundraising at the Movember website:

This is one of those ‘you should have known better’ situations where I had heard about the cause for Movember, seen people ‘do’ Movember, hear people talk about Movember and it never once occurred to me that there was an official website.

Not only is Movember partly growing a moustache in your own time, there are gala events throughout multiple cities across the world where you can show off that hairy caterpillar baby.

And if you’re lucky, you might be attending the event that Garone himself appears at.  If you are so lucky, shake the man’s hand and then shake hands with that man’s moustache.

4. Moustaches, whether you want to admit it or not, are back in fashion

Although we don’t have teen vampires sprouting moustaches to seduce their wide eyed innocent victims, moustaches are now part of the day to day.

There was a time when moustaches would only be found on cops or porn stars, but now they include comedians, truckers and various new agencies.  Sure, they all might say it ‘started’ with Movember but fact is they love that soup strainer where it is.

Moustache articles from types of can be found:

As focus for Comedy:

And even top 10 Moustaches of history:

Even a favorite videogame character never once shaved his moustache off:

Celebrate your Movember, and remember it’s a great excuse to not shave.

Don’t shave but share

– ED


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Clay Shirky: How social media can make history

Clay Shirky: How social media can make history

I’m uncertain if I like this new world of posting bi-weekly, it feels lazy. 

There’s actually a very psychological reason why new posts (for EDTalksTed) should be two weeks apart, and that’s to keep the method of Ted Talk ingestion closer on par with the general user.  Fact is, the typical TED viewer isn’t someone who is watching TED Talks on a daily basis. 

And so, when watching ANY Ted Talk, it’s normally taken in as a novelty, it’s new and there’s a natural curiosity.

In a very strange manner, this concept of ‘freshness’ also comes into play when examining the American elections (held earlier this week).  It doesn’t matter how often one watches election coverage, when it finally comes back around again four years later, it usually feels like a new experience.  Even more so, social media is adding to the mechanisms with which we ingest knowledge.  On to the Talk!


Date Filmed: June 2009

 Length: 15 minutes, 48 seconds

Total Views so far: 798,376

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Social Media

1. President Barack Obama sets new social media records regularly.

It was said four years ago, that Barack Obama was the FIRST president that had utilized the internet appropriately in his campaign.  Heck, this was even in the forecast before the results of the election at the time.  Social media in itself was still new (and is still new now), and it was in love.

People have grown to love technology, it isn’t just a tool anymore it’s a fascination.  It provides users with entertainment, a sense of pride and sometimes some feelings of comfort and stability.  More significantly however, is that these products are highly recognizable. 

Let’s add another detail to this as well, and that technology is creating shared user experiences.  We all have cellphones, we all know what they’re like.  They suck.  Reception issues, weird user interfaces, having to navigate through poorly designed electronic phone lists, cellphones might lift us onto gods as compared to other animals but they’re still a very humbling experience to use.

When someone sees a picture of Obama, chances are he’s using cellphone. 

This is probably just luck of the draw for photography purposes, but the resultant impact is still there.  To talk on the phone is a human experience, seeing someone talk on the phone, well, they’re just like everyone else trying to make it in the world.  A person on the phone is someone who is real.

And yesterday, Obama set a new record on Social Media with his tweet after being re-elected.

2. Crowd Sourcing is the ultimate Think Tank and Observer

Also recently this week on Reddit, social media possibly saved a life.  This news story is practically viral so chances you may have heard it already.  (So let’s pretend it’s five years from now and this is new to you)

A joke was posted where a man peed on his girlfriend’s unused pregnancy test and the result came back positive.  Much to the joke creator’s surprise, there was a resultant wave of responses warning that the man should test for testicular cancer.  He told his friend, whom the joke was from, and as a result his friend is now being treated for cancer.

Here’s where the ‘social’ in social media stands out.  It wasn’t a one way joke where the guy makes his joke and walks off stage.  It’s no longer a soap box delivery and people can make public responses in return.  That is, unless you’re an Xbox live user and you’re shouting obscenities into your headset.

I personally don’t use Xbox Live for anything, I just constantly hear about it.  And when it’s so bad that there’s parodies of it online, then it has to be real.

Xbox Girls Get Revenge

3. Social Media has become the tool for Social Self Vigilance

Shirky makes the comment right out of the gate with his talk where he talks how users of social media are using it to inform others of wrongs being made and reporting them. 

Doing a general search for how social media is used in this manner, from organizing international protests,  reporting unhealthy school lunches to recording police for offensive behavior, there is enough data on the internet to go all night and forever.

Social media is not just for duck faced photos and the pretentious who want to show off.  It just happens those pictures are usually more interesting.

Speaking of which, the rich kids of Instagram still remains quite popular, for reasons that no one can figure out.

Now a bunch of links, cause.. why not.

Arab Spring was a social media revolution

Unhealthy lunches!

Police sing Call Me Maybe  (ok, this might not be the most offensive example, but its hilarious)

Rich Kids making me hate my life, someone please pass me another package of Mr. Noodles so I can drown myself in its delicious salty broth of tears

4. Our social dynamic is changing faster than social media can keep up with it

Ok, I’m kind of lying here.  It isn’t that social media isn’t able to keep up with the changing social dynamic, it is that media still doesn’t completely cover all the needs of our natural social tendencies 

So without changing the human social world, the social media tools is still trying to keep up. 

Imagine moving into a new condominium.  They hand you your brand new door and locker keys and then also give you the electronic passkey for an email interface. 

This email interface gives you the farewell letter from the previous tenant.  Oh, that’s nice.

There’s general announcements from the building manager about upcoming repairs.  Useful.  Some general invites from someone on the second and fifth floors about an upcoming social function in the area.  There is someone on the tenth floor spamming about some community theater show they’re in and tickets will be sold in the lobby that Friday.

Wait a second, you didn’t sign up for an account, you were handed this account when you moved into the building. Yet, there is useful information already sent to you and/or waiting for you all because you updated your social ‘profile’ by becoming a building member.  

Our social profile changes so very quickly, from changing relationship status, being a bus rider because your car is broken down, or whether or not you decide to go on a diet. 

Now currently we have things like Twitter, where we can lumpsum place all our personal updates but this information isn’t spread in a manner that is particularly helpful to others. 

5. Social Media is an untamed beast that threatens us all

Social media is still quite new, and as such governments around the world don’t know exactly how to control it or even IF it should be controlled. 

Then again, it lets a piece of %&*$ blog like EDTalksTed exist, and I guess that’s pretty damn scary.

– Question and share


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