12 Days of (Irrational?) Visions – Do we have Souls?

24 Dec

Over the course of the next 12 days I’ll be posting 12 future thinking concepts and applying the same methods I’ve been practicing with the various Ted Talks.  Why?  Cause it’s freakin fun and pointless, that’s why!

Day TEN – Do we have Souls?

I need to double check my prior posts (listed 7 twice), in counting entries left today, it turns out this is the tenth post.

And this is one charged question, because the basic notion of a human soul is closely connected to a religion of some kind.  Either it is an organized religion or it is related to a modern new age where credentials are more sketchy.

However, does it need to be associated to one of these aforementioned groups?  For context certainly, however in that usage it easily comes into question.

In the concept of ‘enduring entity’, the soul is the ‘consciousness’ that survives after death.

There’s another thing that survives after death, it’s called children.  Could the parent’s soul be linked there?

By that logic, if people breed to have their DNA passed on along to future generations, it would stem to believe that regardless of the amount of ‘future’ breeding that would occur, the most abstract piece required to ‘pass along’ would be consistent.

In other words, is there a tiny basic form of DNA data that would absolutely continue in future chains?

This obviously wouldn’t be hair color, eye color or height, weight or skin color.  These things can theoretically be ‘bred’ in particular directions, enough to change them drastically over several generations.  So one of the original ‘parents’ would still be part of the final structure.

Now it’s easy to believe that one of the original parent DNA could somehow be ‘bred out’ through careful matchings (and only 50% is used in the next batch), but this doesn’t make any sense if the pass along DNA sequence was designed to survive this.

So this tiny piece, this ‘soul’ which is passed from parent to child, would technically survive as long as humanity itself survives.  (As the saying goes, if you go back far enough, everyone is related to everyone)

Especially when it comes to articles like these:

Mitochondrial Eve is not a new concept, every few years a new common ancestor is found.

To paraphrase the notion of ‘we are all made of star stuff’, it is may be closer to home that we are made up of the same ‘being trying to survive time’.

It’s a damn shame we keep treating each other so terribly.


Let’s try this again but this time try to take it from another perspective.

In terms of a non physical entity, let’s say, a hypothetical signal that exists every person.  Maybe it’s a certain sequence of DNA that aligns in a particular manner or what not.  The concept of being ‘born again’ is not a new concept.  The idea of reincarnation is an interesting concept.

Take, for instance, new Bruce Lee.

Now clearly this is a physical resemblance only, the personality / mind is not the original Bruce Lee.

However, it is quite possible, that mentally, there could be a series of similarities that would exist which would emulate another mind.

Einstein could live again!  He might have a different body, experiences and what not, but there could be a mind that, effectively, would have the exact same results when filling out their dating profile.

So a mind could be ‘simulated’, that’s pretty cool.

Let’s go further and just flat out assume a soul exists and survives and is passed along.

There is a concept in physics that is very intriguing.  The notion that ‘time’ functions the same even when it is reversed.

So, let’s say time isn’t a factor.  A person lives, dies and their soul is reborn in another ‘time’.

First you live today, then you in the past, then you live again in the future.  Maybe your soul progresses each time, maybe you’re learning new things, who knows.

Over an extended period of time, it then becomes that all people, are actually the same soul; that is simply re-living again and again.

It returns to concept that all people are in reality the same person.  Being a jackass to others is in actuality, just being bad to yourself.

I don’t know what a soul really is, but it sure makes fascinating thought.

Now stop being jerks.


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