12 Days of (Irrational?) Visions – Happy Christmas

26 Dec

Over the course of the next 12 days I’ll be posting 12 future thinking concepts and applying the same methods I’ve been practicing with the various Ted Talks.  Why?  Cause it’s freakin fun and pointless, that’s why!

Day Twelve – Happy Christmas

After eleven days of proving that deep down I’m really a simple idiot, it’s time to wrap this up.

And what better to celebrate Christmas with talking about the classic story, A Christmas Carol.

Recently, there was a local live radio play about it.  (Putting up out of date information, just because.)


It inspired me enough to examine a Christmas Carol more thoroughly than normal.

There is the well known moral of the story, that a person’s bitterness with life should not forget that their ‘business is humanity.’

It’s easy to think that Scrooge is motivated by selfishness, however the character himself does not actually hoard wealth nor does he self indulge in it.  He is simply the ultimate miser, believing that he is saving for ‘difficult times ahead’.  Times, that as far as the story goes, never materialize.
In effect, he wasted years focusing on gains where he should have been concentrating on appreciating the people and world around him.(I’m a bit torn on whether or not to include a massive number of spoilers from the story or whether or not I should include my ‘fan theories’.  I’ll include just one fan theory.  It follows this sentence so skip to the end of the bracket otherwise.  The ghost of Christmas future, is actually a known entity to Scrooge, which is partially why the ghost refuses to speak.  The rest you can figure out, the clues are there.)It’s a story well worth listening to / watching again, so I invite you to do so.  Scrooge is a very human character.  He had a hard and difficult life growing up and the he effectively had cocooned himself from the rest of the world.  This humanity of the character is generally unknown to those unfamiliar with the story, so understand he is simply not a person who ‘hates Christmas’ or ‘holiday gift giving’.I’m going to make this quick and leave it as a note to myself (as most of these have become).  In one’s pursuits, be it for goals or compulsions, one cannot forget to care for and admire the beauty of imperfection that surrounds us.  An imperfection known as humanity.Merry Christmas.  See ya next year.ED

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