12 Days of (Irrational?) Visions – Are we on the Edge of Making Fantasy Magic Real?

23 Dec

Over the course of the next 12 days I’ll be posting 12 future thinking concepts and applying the same methods I’ve been practicing with the various Ted Talks.  Why?  Cause it’s freakin fun and pointless, that’s why!

Day Eight – Are we on the Edge of Making Fantasy Magic Real?

I just write whatever I’m thinking whenever I’m here, and right now I’m wondering why in the world did I aim for twelve days.  I think I started scrambling for ideas after Day Two.

Nonetheless, this is an interesting question.  Not only from the fact that we are in a world where our advanced technology will ‘appear’ to be magic, but we are able to revisit ‘old’ ideas and make them into working realities.

The thought for this, came from this Youtube video I saw earlier last week.

Pyro is an actual product that anyone can buy online from the Ellusionist website (WARNING: going to this website will show the ‘inventory’ that magicians will buy to learn/do tricks.  If you want magic to ‘stay magical’, be advised.  The tricks aren’t readily explained, but you’ll learn which tricks were bought from a store).

Ellusionist and Penguin Magic were two websites that I frequented A LOT just over ten years ago.

Not surprisingly, most magicians are just complete nerds.  So it shouldn’t come to a huge surprise here that I’ve practiced it to the point where I did a walk around of closeup magic during a friend’s wedding.

Coin magic is pretty cool though.

(I even emailed one of the magicians when he released his first card magic dvd, and I did the typical ‘fan’ thing where I made myself sound like a R-tard.  I ended the conversation as quickly as I could.)

I heard stories where ‘priests/witch doctors/magic mobsters’ would walk around burning people’s houses using a chemical reaction stating it was an act of magic/god.  I wonder if that was even remotely true.

*checks*  I think I’m describing it inaccurately as a preliminary search finds an empty bag of nothing.  So forget it and move on.

But seriously speaking, shooting fireballs?  If that had the smallest usefulness (outside of entertainment), this is great.

Going Camping?  Need to start the BBQ?  What about the fireplace?  I’ll just raise a palm and blast the hell out of it until my house burns down.


Levitation, likewise exists.  Although it is currently can be considered ‘crappy levitation’.

Either the object needs to be incredibly small and freezing or more recently, or a seemingly out of control skateboard.  (Out of control levitation board?)


The significance of these outside of say, a high speed Maglev train, is that these things are portable.  People can start levitating small objects all over the house.  That hoverboard can hold a human body, so would mean it can also be an extremely expensive skid.

At least it wouldn’t leave scratches or tracks on the floor.  (Note: the hoverboard requires a specific flooring underneath so this isn’t yet viable)

Invisibility – The fabric cloak supposedly exists, but you’d have to be a high ranking military officer to get it.  On the other hand, there is a much cheaper device that utilizes lenses (anything between the lenses is unseen, while the object behind it is)

And they put up the build instructions for it here:


Magic Swords!

Ok, not magical in the sense that it is a super cutting weapon of death but rather the swords offered here are meant for beating each other senselessly in the name of fun.  These are foam swords, but look at the level of detail they’ve reached!  There’s levels of bad assery there!


It’s only a matter of time before we start creating themeparks for this stuff.


PS> On the flipside, there’s always the fear of bad Magic.

Look at this card, it’s terrible.

(good luck understanding that joke)

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