14 May

TED staff: It’s TED, the Musical

First, a quick aside.

This is my third attempt this week at quickly writing up a EdTalksTed, the prior two were wasted efforts where I passed out on my keyboard.  It’s a dangerous thing, this passing out, for the amount of drool that escapes my lips would be more than enough to cause a serious shortage.

And so I’ve discovered the method for resetting one’s sleeping hours.  It’s called getting SICK. 

Initially it was simply changing my alarm to wake up me up earlier and earlier each morning (trying to force a tired response in the evening) yet that only amounted in getting a new habit of slapping the alarm faster.  That or unplugging my phone and throwing it across the room.  However, after a couple months, and a few days of alternating weather climate and soon I was shivering under the sheets.  

It’d be during these two days of illness did my habit change, from being able to stay up till dawn to the reverse, passing out after my first yawn.  (I could also say the removal of compounding factors such as work, caffeine and being a hermit counts, but let’s count the one big rock only this time.)

As for last week, it was Show Time!  And this time was Alexander Showcase Theater’s production of Edwin Drood.  A musical mystery where the audience picks the killer!  So in essence, it’s a game for the players (actors) where they need to be ready to perform a different ending each night.  A very ambitious endeavor to say the least.

Their video probably says it better.


And so I decided after this run, to Exercise my brain and watch a Ted Talk!  (Mental note: If I were to ever do a Ted Talk now, it’d be how I use Ted Talks to exercise my brain)

However, after logging onto the website, I immediately encountered this gem.

TED, The Musical!?!!

Wow, it’s really well done.  And it lists several names worth checking!

It references Ted Talks by: Brené Brown, Ken Robinson, Reggie Watts, Jill Bolte Taylor, Amy Cuddy, Liz Gilbert, Hans Rosling, Bill Gates

And this is my favorite kind of entertainment, the kind that’s “edutainment”.  (Where lessons are forcibly shoved down the throats of the audience. I was addicted to this thing before I could talk, back when I watched the Wonderful Stories of Professor Kitzel in the early hours of the day.

On second pass, wow is this dated.. and.. egads, is this why I’m addicted to TedTalks?

Don’t get sick but share.


(Man, this entry was way more blog than usual.  Sorry folks!)

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