05 Nov

National Novel Writing Month

Happy Post Halloween!

And this entry is a quick aside from the TED Talks that I love to scour over.

It’s November and that means it’s also Movember.  (Note: I had covered a TED Talk about this topic last year at this time)  However, there is also another project that I (hopelessly) try to follow in November as well.   It’s called NANOWRIMO, aka National Novel Writing Month (Isn’t that clever?)

Writing in itself is an art form, and like any skill, it requires practice.  Lots of practice. 

Now a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I had been drafted by a friend to write a humor column during university.  It was about as useful as nips on a bull but the work itself was enjoyable.  Moreover, it helped perpetuate that dream of writing a book. 

(I admit, I followed through after graduating and ended up writing a book.  A pretty crappy book. 

*Looks at calendar*  Holy crap, it was TEN years ago!?!  How the hell did that happen.   I was young and it showed in the writing.)

If there was anything that this showed me most, is that writing takes TIME.  (Now this post is quickly becoming guilty of the ‘humble brag’ so I’ll just summarize that I was also working a full time job too.  Problem is, the additional distraction impacted how much MORE time it took to complete it)

This is a reason why the idea of nanowrimo is so appealing.  The challenge of writing a novel (50,000 words!) in ONE month, is that mental excuse to put aside distractions, skip the black and white social ball, put aside the Playstation controller and just focus to do ONE thing.  Write a novel!


Look up more about Nanowrimo here:


Have you ever desired to write a novel?   This could be the month that you do. 


– ED

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