04 Aug

Becci Manson: (Re)touching lives through photos

A day late this week, mostly due to some kind of odd food poisoning that I received the other day. 

It begs the question, why is it called food poisoning?  In effect, it’s not during the act of eating that you feel poisoned.  (It should be poop poisoning.)LINK

I’m obviously kidding, and I obviously have not had much sleep this week.

A friend of mine recommended to me this talk on the ol’ FB (Facebook) and mentioned that he had had the opportunity to work Becci Manson.  And after seeing her speak, I have to say it most definitely is a lucky experience to have.

The link is in the title or here:

Date Filmed: June 2012

 Length: 9 minutes, 49 seconds

Total Views so far: 45,832

One Sentence Summary:  “Retouching is an art form that can be appreciated without guilt”

 My one sentence summary, although valid, does take away from the importance of volunteering, recognizing the tragedy of the Japan tsunami tragedy and the connection between people and our keepsake memories.

However, in what took me off guard, how it also ties with my life, the idea of retouching photos in the sense of it being an act of generosity is huge. 

Manson starts the Ted Talk right away with the very expectation of what people see ‘retouchers’ as.  People who make skinny models skinnier and making perfect skin more perfect. 

This, as far as I was aware, was the highpoint of morality that existed with retouchers.  That in general they are a self centered lot of basement dwellers who are out to make boobs more oogle worthy. 

Perverted retouchers!  How dare you leave your basements and apartment offices!  But what?  They did something that made an impact, a real personal impact, for the survivors?

That is incredibly touching.  That is something worthy of a TED Talk.

All Hands, the volunteer organization can be found here:

(Interesting, on their website, the front page immediately shows Manson talking at TED.  TED, you will continue to amaze me)

What can we do now?

This is a feel good story that is worth sharing.  It shows the commonality that all of us share, in the things that we cherish most, our memories of each other.

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PS> If I was there, I’d try to sneak some of my own photos in the pile to hopefully get some free retouching done.  “Oh no, the water damage made this guy look really fat.  You have to make him a skinny model with perfect skin..  And fix that mole on his cheek.  Perfect.”

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