27 Jul

Yossi Vardi fights local warming

Of all the.. I apparently ‘procrastinated’ myself by making the mistake of turning on Youtube and seeing a video going viral which then made me click something else and then an hour later, feelings of dark dark shame.

Tonight was a difficult task of selecting which TED talk to examine and so I watched a dozen of them before going insane and switching to YouTube.

There has got to a warning label on what happens if one ingests too many TED Talks in one go, it’s something akin to ‘too many vitamins’.  If you eat too many vitamins, you either a) pee them out or b) you begin to die. 

With too many TED Talks, I’ll lean towards the first option except it’s ideas peeing into a pool of other ideas that you forget who was talking about what and in general messages become lost.

However, in doing so, I stumbled across this gem that I thought was also related to Global Warming.

Yossi Vardi turns on the telly and hits the next slide button faster than a message sent in Morse code.  Check it out:


Date Filmed: March 2007

 Length: 6 minutes, 18 seconds

Total Views so far: 486,499

One Sentence Summary: “Laptops are hell on a sausage.”

This, is a real phenomenon that should be made aware of.  I remember playing World of Warcraft in my bed, and my junk would be roasting like a pair of marshmallows set on fire.  It wasn’t comfortable but I wanted to keep playing.

Little did I realize that I was possibly doing some serious gene damage to my little ‘Eugenes’.  Poor little guys, in the art of leveling I was accidentally holding them over a fire pit. 

However, I cannot let this turn strictly into a twig and berries conversation.

It’s quite a relief to see the TED talks are also composed of strictly comedic routines that entertain the audience.  It’s a welcome sigh that pulls away from having to twist your mind around new radical ideas and approaches or feeling the deep sympathies that usually accompany a TED Talk. 

Comedy, in itself, is a series of ideas. I remember in school following the mental memory tricks of utilizing unusual imagery to help memorize a list of details.  This worked better when I found the image or sequence to be funny. 

Vardi, you’re a funny guy.

So what now?

Proper positioning is the phrase, use a table or a dinner tray. 

Which coincidentally enough, I began using because it was that uncomfortable.  That is, when I was grinding to get to the next level.

As for the men blogging being dangerous?  Blogging implies writing down thoughts, responses or general reflection. 

That’s always dangerous.

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