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Jim Fallon: Exploring the mind of a killer

And in Zombie Apocalypse news, we had this article during the week:

The above is the first article I, and probably many others, had seen of this naked man face biting incident.  And as a friend of mine said, “WTF!  Seriously WTF!”

Is this dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse?!?  This article went absolutely bonkers, er, viral this week and according to a recent survey the answer is “Yes”.  Get your shotguns, hide your faces, cause they be biting everybody down there!

Or he was completely high on a rising drug called Bath Salts, which is ten times more powerful than cocaine.

Just surfing that website however, also brought up this head scratching headline of an article:

Wasn’t there an episode of Futurama about this?  The moment humans get a perfect sex-robot partner, the human race is DOOMED!

Stupid robots!  It’ll be just like World of Warcraft and countless lives will be reduced to in basement marathons of nerds and their machines!  Not that I would have any experience with this, except for that momentary stint where I woke up one morning with a level 80 warrior tank and five years of regret.

Enough of robotic prostitutes and their ilk, back to the zombies!

There is definitely something deeply wrong when a human being resorts to such barbaric actions on such a ludicrous scale.  Being naked in public is taboo.  Attempting to kill a defenseless homeless man, is outright wrong.  Attempting to kill a homeless man while being naked and EATING HIS FACE, is so beyond wrong that it isn’t too surprising that he was shot and killed.  If anything, it’s similar to killing a spider you might be afraid of by curling up a 100 page newspaper or using a baseball bat.  Capture / release feelings aren’t present when the person is so terrified that they pick up the biggest weapon they can find to smash it like The Hulk.

But could the zombie in this manner be acting out of some repressed instinct?  Once done with the first face, would he have gone chasing down other people to eat their faces?  What if it wasn’t the drugs at all?

And even more frighteningly, these people have and continue to exist.

Introducing this Ted Talk, is the famous Jim Fallon:

Date Filmed: Feb 2009

Length:  6 minutes, 29 seconds

Jim Fallon appears to be the first famous person that I didn’t realize I knew.  You see, about two minutes into his talk, I realized I had heard his story before.  It was around here that not only had I seen these results before but he had done several interviews on various documentaries. 

It’s also greatly disturbing, that at the one minute mark he shows a group of photos of psychopathic killers that I all recognize.  I never went out of my way to learn their names, but media, movies and television really throws them in your face.  (Not sure if it was his sense of humor, but one of the killers is simply known as TED)

Now the explanation provided is one that also has been echoed through mediums like Criminal Minds and such, where there is a distinct pattern of abuse / genetics which causes the psychotic mind. 

However, where he veers from what I expected is the explanation that it’s a mother to son connection.  That’s… brow raising.  However it is not simply this genetic bridge but having an extremely violent event that is required. 

This is a really important point, that I’m going to call back to later on.

Fallon then continues with his own little admittance that his family has the psychopathic gene and as there’s three every hundred years, the time is reaching due.  I’m not sure if this is one of those things you post on Facebook as future employers who go creatively deep in researching their prospects will probably end up finding.

On the other hand, by being completely open (and PET scanning his entire family) is likely the best method to prevent or possibly predict the next.. outbreak. 

And just as the conversation gets interesting, the talk is over.  There isn’t a grand summary that ends with a witty or insightful comment, he finalizes with ‘There’s going to be bad news somewhere, it just pops up.”.

Hmm..  Well, I guess that works.

How did this talk relate to me?

I’m a big guy, I’ve worked security, I’ve trained on and off studying various martial disciplines and I only do weights at the gym (in other words, big).  I ‘arguably’ could hold my own in any situation, but the very notion of hurting someone disgusts me.  I don’t even like watching Fail videos where people fall down because I dislike seeing people get hurt.  This is probably why psychopathic killers are so fascinating to everyone (me included), on the simple basis that we don’t understand how they think.  Maybe it’s a curiosity, or it’s like watching the results of a car accident, or maybe its some inborn fragment that we try to learn from it to avoid future horror.  In any case, I’m certain psychopaths will remain in the spotlight for a very long time.

What caught me off guard / Questions

Ok, back to that part where I said I was going to bring it up again later.  The incident of violence triggering the killer persona.  Going back to a previous blog post, I once mentioned the psychopathic mind in the workplace.  For whatever reason, these brains rule the roost and this personality type (according to surveys that I cannot find a link to) not only survive but thrive in the business environment.

Is there an incident of business that happened in their childhood?  How about an incident of bartering or layered negotiation that put them on that path?

Chess great Bobby Fischer was a genius and quite possibly, a psychopath from the start.  In his bio, one of his teachers wrote that whatever Fischer selected to do in life, he would be great at it.  It was the obsessive nature of his personality that forwarded him onwards to become so advanced at whatever he did. 

In his later years, Bobby Fischer became renown for other reasons.  Ranting like a madman and hating pretty much the world for conspiring against him.  When associated with this TED Talk, it makes me wonder, could Fischer been one of these psychopathic brains that had an early… chess incident?

So now that it’s been discussed, what can we do?

Whatever incidents you’re able to give kids, for the love of god, please try to make sure they’re for the social good. 

That, and ask if the person they’re dating has a famous last name that you didn’t realize you knew.


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