Another year wiser and other blatant lies.

20 Apr

Celebrated a birthday this week, and it was mine!

Not that I’m one to usually celebrate birthdays.  I realized something a long time ago and that is I can’t afford to give out presents to all the people I’d like to give presents to.  It’s a numbers game and I’m simply not there.

So where’s the fair trade?  Well, that’s rather simple.  Don’t celebrate your own birthday and you skip all that ‘present exchange’ shenanigans.  Of course this rule is a very soft rule, so yeah, presents still come and go.  Except now instead of it being expected, it’s more of a ‘Surprise!’ (followed by the mental ‘you thoughtless jerk, how can I reciprocate this blatant generosity’ moment)  Btw, I can do a full rant on how every time a friend gets married it’s the cost equivalent of them smashing in one of my car windows but that’s just me ranting for the joy of ranting.

And as I sat on the hypothetical mountain top this week, I pondered my life.

Well, not just ‘my life’ as in past events.  It was present tense or rather where I’d like to see it going.  I have a couple of ideas, all requiring a great deal of effort.  And then this thought slipped into my mind, was I even wiser now that I’m older?  I’m getting ‘wider’, I’m not sure if that counts.

They say that wisdom comes with age and I have to say that this is a load of poo.

How do I know this?  Because I’m an idiot.

And I know it.

Self Awareness is one of those things that starts in the classroom.  In grade 5 we were assigned to write a short essay about our own self awareness.  I remember commenting on how our actions affect others, but this certainly stems to how we present ourselves, how we listen, and how we deliver our wisdom.

Now here is the most peculiar thing.  Why is it, the older we get, why does it feel like the ‘less likely’ someone will actually ask for our wisdom?

Sure, for specific questions, they still get asked.  However, these are really SPECIFIC. For instance,  What’s good to order at Taco Bell?  Combo 3, one hard shell taco and one soft shell taco.

This, from what I can tell, is the extent with which people wish to know my wisdom.

Or maybe which videogames to play.  Or if I can check a resume for typos.  Sometimes it’s about relationship advice.

Now please understand I’m not some greybeard who wanders the streets with a lantern and staff.  I’m not expecting people to start talking in riddles just so I can bestow my wisdom back at them with more riddles.

“What lurks in the shadows of doubt, where fear and openness struggle for dominance?”

“My answer, Combo 3, one hard shelled taco, one soft shelled taco.”

The fact is, finding wisdom is barely a stepping stone in North American society.  We aren’t given ‘quests for wisdom’, and there’s little reason to need to know more if one can simply pick up the process.  By that I mean, the ‘know how’ to do something will naturally contain conventional wisdom.  However, it doesn’t have the blood/sweat/tears that it might have took to find it.

I don’t have any problems with that.  Look at the internet.  It’s an information washing machine that takes in load after load of dirty information, washes it around in a forum of crowdsource-ing and spits out clean clean conventional wisdom to wear.  (Do NOT wash your personals in this washing machine, as it will have a tendancy to shrink them.)  Likewise, a bright sweater will temporarily affect the entire wash, making them pink or lime green.  I can only recommend a colder water setting with harsher restrictions.

I’ve obviously much wisdom about washing machines.

But the years = wisdom analogy?  I don’t feel a day wiser than I did in 2011.

Maybe certain outlooks have changed.  Goals have become more ‘real’, or ‘more easily measured’, arguably ‘easier to attain’.  Is that wisdom?  Or is that being pessimistic?  Could positive day dreaming be the real wisdom?  Could it be found on a fastfood menu?  The smiles are free, and isn’t that one of the best things life can offer?

Seeking wisdom also relates to the ‘point’ of where we are in our lives and the every increasing circle of contacts that we’re generating.  If you know 50 people who are accountants, it’s highly unlikely you’ll go to all 50 of them with accounting questions.  With that in mind, I can see why I’m not being tapped for anything in particular.  After all, without an event or designation that screams ‘answers here’, there’s little to no reason at all to knock anybody else up for information.  If anything it’s simply an opinion, and that’s something we’re told to keep to ourselves.

So I flip the question on my myself.  Do I seek wisdom from others?   Yes and no.  Like a decrepit vampire I often turn to the more society connected peers to know what’s in or which new television show to watch.  That’s a sort of backwards wisdom in the social herding aspect of society.

Do I know individuals that have great wisdom?  It’s quite possible.  However, I do know too that their opinions are often heavily shrouded by their history or personal preferences.  To ask for their wisdom, in effect, is either asking for them to self validate or worse, they might push their own agenda.

Oh crap, I sound like I’ve lost hope in humanity.  People aren’t jerks.  Intentionally, at least.

So that must be it, I’m viewing life through a tinted pair of glasses.  One that self validates my own decisions and might occasionally seek an agenda of its own.

Now to find the wisdom to remove them.

Combo 3, One hard shelled taco and one soft shelled taco please.

– Updated every Thursday

PS> Forget the tacos, I’d rather have some poutine.

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