Coincidence is a repeating function.

16 Mar

When I had originally thought of the idea of the blog, I couldn’t place a name to what it should be called.  A few ideas bounced around in my mind but none of them really grabbed at me.

One morning I was driving in to the office and saw the initials ‘ED’ scribbled on a garbage can.  I did not and still do not know what ED on a garbage can means, but it did stick out to me.  (What does ED on a garbage can mean?)

That morning I had also forgotten my day pass, so I had to sign for one at the front desk.  Normally such a routine action wouldn’t stand out to me either, but I immediately noticed that my own initials also spelled ‘ED’.

Ed, well, maybe it was something I could use.  After all, ED rhymes with TED simply enough, so I ran with it and here it is.

About a week later, I see TED Ed for TED education and realize that I may have fell into a trap of naming the blog something ‘too close to home’ so to speak.  (What will the neighbors think?)  However, coincidence is coincidence and I can only call it that.  This site is obviously not Ted Ed and at no point will I try to convince others that it is.

Obviously, the two will eventually merge and we will have EdTalksTedEd, which is pretty horrible.

Seriously, that sounds terrible.  And if TED remains as progressive as it is, it will eventually begin to review and talk about itself from a meta perspective, effectively creating EdTalksTedEdTalksTed.

I really hope it doesn’t come to that, because I can’t even pronounce the damn thing.  It’s like Ted Talks meets Human Centipede and nobody wants to digest that.

In any case, back to the talks.

– Updated every Thursday (Yes, I am treating this as my tagline.  Terrible.)

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