What is EdTalksTed?

02 Mar

Well, it certainly stands to reason that the very first blog post should be about what I want to be blogging about so here it is.

I want to discuss TED talks (, specifically those that I find absolutely fascinating, what questions are left in my mind afterwards, can I find a way to answer them and now that I’ve listened to the conversation what can I or we do about it.

Growing up I was a child with a lot of questions.  Certainly more questions than there was answers available and this in turned probably annoyed my father to no end.  Eventually I stopped receiving answers to my questions and started receiving the reccomendation of ‘Why don’t you read a book about it?’.

I took this advise to heart and found a job at the local library at the earliest I could.  (I was 13 at the time, which I believe was considered ‘too young’ to work at the library but they gave me a chance to work in the children’s department)  And from there I read books, and looking back I have to admit it was quite a fair number.  On the other hand, this certainly did not turn me into a genius or anything remotely valuable; rather just a kid that enjoyed reading books.

This did generate an idea that I always dreamed of having.  To someday create a book that I would call ‘The Book of Answers’ where every single question I had as a child/teen/adult would be put down and an answer would be written down for it.  It would be something that I could pass along to anyone else who had their questions.  It was only a short time later that I discovered the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which was exactly what I was looking for,  at least in the abstract.

Years later, enter the internet age.  And suddenly the Hitchhiker’s Guide exists in the form of Google and Wikipedia.  Any question can be answered almost immediately after a few strokes of the keyboard, could this be the end of curiosity since the answers can now be found?

Around this time I stumbled across the TED Talks.  One of the glorious things about TED is not that they are giving opinions or questions to those that exist in my mind.  Rather, it is that it is a forum to bring about questions that I did not even consider or was aware of.  This in itself is a reward, but this was only the uncovering of a iceberg that was much more enjoyable.

It turns out that a common thread among the speakers at TED is that they do it incredibly well.  They surprise you, they trick you, they make you laugh and bring your mind to stimulus that is new.  It is better than a book of answers, it is a place of new questions.


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